A character sketch of Arnav Singh Raizada

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Jan 31, 2012

A character sketch of Arnav Singh Raizada (By Arshi4ever)

Quite a few myviews found the recent behaviourial changes in Arnav quite abrupt. Here I have tried to analyze ASR's character and the reasons behind his change.

ASR is a not the typical hero... he is more of a character with shades of gray with his flaws being his ego, hot temper, his anti-social and cynical outlook (stemming from the unexplained reasons surrounding his parent's death) and also some extent of snobbishness. That's why it was important to pit him against a black villain like scorpian shyam cos Arnav is capable of deep love for his sis, loyalty to his family when he defended his nani (diwali) and care and concern for khushi whereas Shyam is a sociopath who cares for no one.

Now the evolution of arnav's relationship with our heroine

stage 1 - revulsion... cos of his perception of her being a middle class gold digger alongwith deep underlying attraction

stage 2 - respect... when she stands tall (building collapse, resignation) against asr, who is surrounded by people kowtowing before him

stage 3 - affection... when her warmth, sincerity and frankness wins him over and lavanya too... and after giving vent to his fiery temper, he apologises, bashes up the goons, asks her to eat after her fast, pays her father's hospital bills etc.

stage 4 - mourning period... when his engagement with la broke, if he immediately started flirting with khushi it wud be too shyam-ish... as jane austen wud say... after an "appropriate" gap

stage 5 - seduction ( sorry cudnt think of a better word) ... after finally coming to terms with his long simmering attraction

Also Arnav is the typical alpha male and very territorial... like once he upset anjali by saying "this is my house" he likes to have control over his jungle and his gazelle khushi of course ... so the new entrant cub nk is a threat accelerating his wooing of khushi

Arnav is the quintessential Mills & Boons hero - tall, dark and handome, silent, intense with a dark past, experienced at sweeping women off their feet and khushi is also the M & B heroine pretty, vivacious, naive, blown away by his magnetism and yet keeping up a spirited fight

the telling scene after Arnav wipes haldi with her duppatta and khushi decides to provoke him by walking off with nk, he does get very jealous but he also has that smile/smirk cos he knows what she is doing... he knows all the rules of the human mating game - the intense eye contact, the naughty lines, the casual touch, the intrusion in her physical space whereas she is going with blind instinct, which is why he tells her "you have no sense of wht you are doing and what is happening to you"

so now he has to make her aware and i hope the threats of shyam's schemes, nk's rivalry and even nani-anjali matchmaking do not get in the way of him moving at his pace and in his style . Khushi... hold on tight and enjoy the ride!!!

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