rabba meray rabba rabba..is piyar ko kia nam doon

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Jan 26, 2012

rabba meray rabba rabba..is piyar ko kia nam doon (By Iram)

While KKG is in the hospital emergency care,all the media crew has gathered,outside the glass door ,not lettin amman and buaji cum close to the Emergency room door ,so unaware whts going on ,and ASr Howls at the doc,"ap inkay ilaj per tawajjah dejeyaya,yad rahy inhay kuch howa tu yeh hospital nahi rahay ga yahn...aur hanh baher say kissi ko ander mat any dejeyayaga"the doc says "sorry Arnav jee","dont worry she is in safe hands"the doc leves the crowd pushin him aside and he tells the family outside she is out of danger now,mom asks,"KHushi thik tu ho jai gee na doctor sahab"doc says "aray majee jis par Arnav jee ki kerpa ho us par tu Bhagwan bhi kerpa kertay hain"Aman and buwa gets puzzled.Meanwhile ASR in the room alone with khushi has flah backs of her faints etc...rabbave scenes,,when unknowingly ASR touches her cheek,she opens her eyes and goes panicky ,,"jee hum app ,yeh..kia..?" ...."She.."ASR"puts his warm loving finger onto her lips,and "tum sawal bohat kerti ho Khushi Kumarri Gupta"n givin her his usual love stare,makin her uneasy and melt n close her eyes that he vanishes,but naaa,hes still there,so she pulls herself up to get up when ASR cumes too close to her in an uncomfortable distance,and fluffs the pillow at her back ,n she pulls herself back,he grins and says,"dont worry may kuch nahi karron ga," and moves her hair from her face and leave the room.its then aman jee cumes in and he leaves sayin no omments to the media.....tomorrow is the wedding.....

Ok its a totally different venue,ouside mandap ,hosted by larki walay,barat has left for the mandap ,pindal jeje is looking stunning,and so are all the rest ,everyone is looking for khgushi ,"aray nad kishore ,yeh sankha dewi bhi na,kahn chale gaey,salitta say gahnay lay ker ,saj rahi hon gee"..all the girls are running around loose ,oh bart agayeee....Bart is so bautiful some one wispers ,hai dolhay kay bhai ko tu dekho,akroo,when barat is at the doorstep ,sab inhain istagbal kerrahain hain ,par sanka dwvi kahan hain...Glittter n aray of white light pops from somewhere and walla ,thats ,the slow motion may ahist ahista chaltee howi atay hain KKG,with dressed like white garara,silver lining of glittering donte effecton the dupatta and garara,with silver polki ka bara sa set with high back combed 1960 ska jorra ,like omshanti oms depika padoo,and abunch of red roses onto her right side of joora,with strands of curled hair falling onto her face,smiling and glittering,Its the ASR locks his eyes with her white angel KKG,stunned,lost in her beauty,all the girls drag him in..then he wakes up and gets all frowned ,"what the ..."n where did she go KKg ,lookin around ,his eyes wondering to see one glimpse of that breth taking beauty...uff ..there she is with NK...Kaboom,explosion in Asrs head,grabs ared rose and dives to snatch her away from all....longging to hide her in his arms from the glare of all the rest of the world but himself..thinking "shes mine and mine alone"...waliking straight up to her when ....

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