Arnav has got over Khushi - serial is going downhill

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Nov 15, 2011

Arnav has got over Khushi - serial is going downhill (By arnavsbest)

I am going to give a completely different perspective.

In the last episode you see Arnav attacking Khushi about her presence in his house.

He does not want to see her.

Maybe he has moved on.

He has accepted he is getting married to Lavanya.

Remember the scene when watching Tv, Lavanya comes and hugs him.

He tells her that he is getting married ton her, not Khushi's ideas on marriage.

In his mind he has accepted the marriage and Lavanya.

And even Khushi has accepted it.

To top it all Khushi feels that she has to help till the end to make sure that Lavanya's marriage to Arnav takes place.

So it looks like all is settled.

I don't know what the writers and directors are going to come up with.

But one thing is clear the fans, and there are many, and they have helped to give IPKKND its position in TRP, these fans, I means us fans, are not going to like if story continues like this.

We are going round and round in circles. It has become soo soo boring.

I dont look forward to IPKKND anymore.

Yesterday I watched it after 2 hours and that too only once.

I am not looking forward to episode today as it will be a nonsensical one with Khushi jumping around explaining to Arnav in actions and him getting angrier with her. No progress in story, poor Khushi being belittled again and again.

What do we do ?

I really loved this serial, there was so much potential.

We have the two most talented actors and they are being wasted.

I still love Arnav and Khushi and want to see their brilliant acting.

But I dont know anything anymore

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