We are one

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By:    khushi come back to arnav & forgiveness by Arshi_Siva    

Khushi and arnav have arranged marriage. khushi is happy in this marriage but what about arnav. will khushi comes to know what bother arnav, after knowing what bother arnav will she be with      

Vaada - a life long promise

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By:    Family reaction for arshi marriage by Arshi_Siva    

Arnav and khushi are childhood friends. They separated at childhood but arnav promise her he will always with her. he come to meet her they promise each other they will never forgot each oth     

Selfless Love.

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By:    Khushi's feelings, the meet with future mother in law..- Chapter 52. by Lillyzilin    

A different story on Arshi. Peep in to know more.     

X - Wife

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By:    Arshi past by Arshi_Siva    

X- wife is the story about khushi and arnav how they separated, y they separated even when they love each other. What make them apart, how arnav get his love back. will khushi unite with hi     

Knot unite us

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By:    khushi's Love by Arshi_Siva    

Arnav who have scar on his face due to one accidnet he felt he is horrible no one like him his lover also leave him seeing his scar on his face. But khushi came in his life, will khushi chan     

Barun and sanaya

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By: Arshi  

Peep in to know......      

Helpful Hint/Tips

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By:    Response to britfanuk - Instructions on various processes by Dpatel    

Why don’t you take the opportunity to become the member and get notification email when your favorite authors post an update? Few setting you may have to perform as per your part after you h     

**MeD Story Index ** Get Links to most updated Index of talented MeDians

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By:    Iss pyar ko kya naam doon...by @Barunmylife2 by Barunmylife2    

All the MeD Talented Writers and Readers - Peep in for most amazing Index of Creative work done by MeDians... Submit your Index Now and Get Featured here!!     

Collection of Stories..Indexes

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Searching for a story or a writer? Want to list all your stories?Have an Index then     

Help pls it's my life

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By: Sayli  

ArHi Fan Fic | Saving Grace

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By:    Chapter [19] King and Queen I by Thegirlofravens    

We are lovers lost in space. We are searching for our saving grace.      

IPKKND - Kal Ho Naa Ho (Heartbeat)

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IPKKND - Kal Ho Naa Ho (Heartbeat)     

young age love part 2

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By: indhu   young age love2 by indhu    

arnav:kushi u r age 17 this is not love just attraction.     

Arnav Khushi Song : Do Pal Ruka Khwabo Ka Karva

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Arnav Khushi Song : Do Pal Ruka Khwabo Ka Karva     


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By:    STREAK OF DESTINY by Raani82    

Moments in the life of Sanaya Irani & Barun Sobti

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Moments in the life of Sanaya Irani & Barun Sobti     

The Conscience

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By:    The Conscience... Part 27 by Taanihalai    

What would happen when you fall in love for the first time? Everything would be so perfect but What will happen if you realize that HE, Loves SOMEONE else? To what extent can you go for love     

New Unseen Picture of Sanaya Irani

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New Unseen Picture of Sanaya Irani     


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By:    Epilogue by Khushisingh96    

Arnav and Khushi were childhood friends but.......To know more peep in and read the story.     

Ishq Main Tere # 2

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By:    Ishq main tere 2 chapter 7 is up :) by Farakhan    

sequel of my SS ishq main tere with dfferent plot :) hope you'll like it. no arshi saperation