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By:    my one and only os by Farakhan    

All the MeD Talented Writers and Readers - Peep in for most amazing Index of Creative work done by MeDians... Submit your Index Now and Get Featured here!!     

MasterChef Myeduniya

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By:    Everyone's favourite-Bhelpuri! by Rockinriya    

A personalized recipe book created by the masterchefs of Myedunia!     

Calling all Multi-Talented MeDians!

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By:    hii guyyss... some edits by me.. :) by Sruthinair    

Showcase...Flaunt your Talents!     


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support or not support

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By: Hihi1   Frnds and Admin by Nakshu_Haya    

support or not support     

Vampire's Princess

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Intense story about hot vampire and Gal filled with innocence...     

arshi love story

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By: Arshisahasra   arshi love story by Arshisahasra    


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By: Nakshu_Haya   Next Chpater is Upp guys by Nakshu_Haya    

Arnav and Khushi - Their Moments .........      

Readers For Unknown Love, Love Hate n Sacrifice , Will Love Always Finds its way

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By:    Im Backkk by Nakshu_Haya    

Im really sorry readers     

Unseen Pic of Barun n Gang!!

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Unseen Pic of Barun n Gang!!     

Will Love Always Finds Its Way

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By:    Chapter 2 is Upp by Nakshu_Haya    

True love doesn't happen right away; it's an ever-growing process. It develops after you've gone through many ups and downs, when you've suffered together, cried together, laughed together.      

My love and You..

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By:    My love and You.. by Roja_Arshi    

a story of love between a superstar and a fan. please peep in.     

New Beginning

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This story is sequel from Blooming love. It shows their life after their confession, how they live their life, and how their remarriage happen. it shows their happy life after their marriag     

Journey of Life

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By:    Their love by Arshi_Siva    

This story is sequel from Happy Life. It shows of their life with their baby and the another phase of their life, their trust, love, affection and care everything. Will they face everything     

Emptiness ((Season 2))

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By:    Emptiness ((Season 2))... Part 21 by Taanihalai    

Not connected to season1, you can read it if you havent read season 1... Khushi is a doctor, Arnav is a patient with lost mental ability... read to know more     

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love

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By:    Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 10 by Taanihalai    

No Preview...Peep in to read..     

Born To Love You By Ojasvi...

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By:    Born To Love You By Ojasvi... Part 31 by Taanihalai    

A Chirpy Khushi, a Shy Arnav... How would their love story be like?     

Sacha Pyaar...

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By:    Arshi's conversation... by Arshi_Shreya    

This story starts from random scene during Arshi's contract marriage life...peep in to know more     

Trust-The foundation of Love

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By:    Arnav v/s KK or ASR v/s KK? by Arshi_Shreya    

Love can never exist if there is no trust in the relationship. So let's see the same in Arshi's case. Can Arnav trust Khushi & vice-versa....     

Arshi FF:The love of my Life....

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By:    The Story Goes On... by Arshi_Shreya    

My imagination from Sheetal's track. Pls tell me how is it? :)))     

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