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By:    my one and only os by Farakhan    

All the MeD Talented Writers and Readers - Peep in for most amazing Index of Creative work done by MeDians... Submit your Index Now and Get Featured here!!     

#ImpPost - What is MeD day? How do we celebrate it?

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All the confused newbies, please peep in! :D     

Year 2012 - MED (HTA) Arshi Stories...

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By:    Arshi Stories... Link by Mit0905    

Year 2012 - MED (HTA) Arshi Stories...     


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By:    OS: Farewell's payback by Nakshathra    

It contains all my OS's nd SS's. Those who wish to visit, u r whole heartedly welcome.     

OS Competition: How well you write?

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By:    Information by Nanak    

OS Competition: How well you write?     


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“They were not meant to meet yet, their paths crossed, they were not meant to be together yet destiny forced them in each other’s life. They are classes apart. What she proposes, he disposes     

marriage of convenience and the baby

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By:    Chapter 32 love is in air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first step by Tanvipandit    

story of two sworn enemies who unite laying their hatred for each other on side to protect a precious life which is dear to both of them.what turn will their life take?? please peep in....     

Unwritten Destiny-Found My Love

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By:    Chapter 53 by Sanchita    

a love story of arshi with little romance....collab by me and sanchita peep in and comment     

Promo Video of MeD celebration!!!

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By:    Link of the Promo by Anamehreen    

Check out our promo of MeD celebration     

SS : Anmol

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By:    SS : Anmol Part 20 by Sankadevi_Lg    

Comparison , insult, rejection made her weak. Will his presence fill the hallo in her life? Can he give all the happiness she deserves?     

my life turns heaven...............

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By: Saya_Arshi  

my life turns heaven...............     

my life turns heaven...........

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By: Saya_Arshi  

my life turns heaven...........     


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By: supersanam   CHAPTER 5 by Supersanam    

Prem Kahani

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By:    Prem Kahani Part 2 by Gamini    

This story is going to start from the Diwali episode since I find it quite a turning point of the show.It will be based on the true love and faith Arnav and Khushi have on each other.     

Love and Pain

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By:    Hint for upcoming update love and pain by Kattty    

This ff starts from when all the family members blame Khushi for Anjali's condition and Shyam's betrayal but nobody thinks about Khushi.......     

life after reunion

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By:    life after reunion by Guruvayur    

my take on sheetal, s track     

Made for each other ?? Are we ??

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Story of arshi from school life      

Unseen Pics Of Barun!!

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By:    Pics added by Ocean    

Unseen Pics Of Barun!!     

kyoun dard he itna tere ishq me..

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By:    kyoun dard he itna tere ishq me... by Roja_Arshi    

Kyoun dard he itna tere ishq me.. kyoun milkar bhi hum dono nehi mile, kyoun juda ho kar bhi hum dono alag nehi hue.. kyoun aj bhi meri har ek sanso me tum ho, aur tumahare har ek ahat me me     

OS: My Seventh String!!

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By:    Author's note by Ladgovrnrkechamkili    

She sneaked past the front row where the instructor was standing, hoping that he wouldn’t see her. W     

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