Sanaya Irani in JDJ8

 2 hours ago     12     6318     244        
By:    Sanaya's performance promo by Anamehreen    

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

 2 hours ago     68     63996     4964        
By:    kuch kuch hota hai by Khushisingh96    

arnav ss his secret

 3 hours ago     21     18160     1114        
By:    sach ka kulasa by Arshlove    

arnav has lots f secrets n his life. what will happen wen one day d whole world knows it     

SS ~ The Raizada Crush !!

 3 hours ago     9     9782     534        
By:    Chapter -9-Ohh my wife!! by Luckyarshi    

Story of a chirpy bubbly girl, who grows a little crush in her heart for a certain Raizada boy . . will she succeed in her love??     

To Respected Admin

 4 hours ago     2     134     4    
By:    Again request to Respected Admin by Hihi1    

Award a diary to writer Sameea     

Plz help for find a story for Manuv

 4 hours ago     2     525     5    
By:    Again request to fans who have not read this post by Hihi1    

Plz help for find a story for Manuv     

A Comedy Of Errors

 4 hours ago     4     1307     124    
By:    A Comedy Of Errors... Part 4 by Taanihalai    

Arshi meet at school, Khushi loves and respects books while Arnav is the opposite, what will happen when they meet?     

Born To Love You By Ojasvi...

 4 hours ago     68     35831     4261    
By:    born to love you... part 68 by Taanihalai    

A Chirpy Khushi, a Shy Arnav... How would their love story be like?     

love of pagalpans

 4 hours ago     14     5867     252    
By:    love of pagalpans by Sathyavegi    

story of arnav and kushi with wierd ideas     

Arshi FF: Hum Hamesha

 4 hours ago     6     6831     517    
By:    Hum Humesha (part 6) by Myarshi    

Starts from arshi 2nd marriage. arnav and khushi are hamesha, then who is hum. peep in to know more about our arshi cute daughter.     

ak stars

 5 hours ago     134        
By: a&k love story  


 5 hours ago     30     31829     2717    
By:    IMPOSED MARRIAGE by Mirna    

Another creation with Arshi     

Exclusively For "Forced Knot" Blog Link!!!......06/07/2015

 6 hours ago     3     3292     67    
By:    Check your mail ID.....06/07/15!!!! by Sviji    

Readers wishing for blog link please peep In.      

FF- Reprise Of IPKKND “Forced Knot” Part 7!!! 06/07/15

 6 hours ago     16     25101     1428    
By:    Next Part...06/07/15 by Sviji    

ArShi FF- Reprise Of IPKKND “Forced Knot”     

You are my Only Wish

 6 hours ago     2     1131     78    
By:    Sorry guys by Nakshu_Haya    

Will Arnav grant all the wishes of Khushi writes to her god..     

FF - The Sword of Destiny

 6 hours ago     3     1419     98    
By:    Sorry guys by Nakshu_Haya    

A cruel play of fate - The Reincarnation of Arshi     

Love Story on Arshi

 7 hours ago     30     19988     1588        
By:    Love Story on Arshi by Goldie    

Unknown Love

 7 hours ago     17     14396     781        
By:    Next Chapter by Nakshu_Haya    

Everything starts with a Unknown pull     

Chup Chup ke...

 7 hours ago     17     18626     1655    
By:    Chup Chup ke... by Sanjana_13    


 11 hours ago     7     2958     137        
By:    chapter 4: by Chutianju    

she is a KILLER.. wat will he do with her.. peep in to know more...     

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