Khushi and Arnav will get marry...

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Oct 27, 2011

Khushi and Arnav will get marry... (By Noor8)

Hey IPKKND Fans - Greetings - this is my first post to all of you but I have been reading your comments for sometime - they are funny and interesting..

I am just wondering if anyone of you read or seen this news:

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Like we suspected, Shayam will put the blame on Khushi if Anjali or Arnav find out about their 'Rishta'together. And Arnav will have to get married to Khushi to punish her and to save his sis....since....she mentioned she loved her hubby very much...i don't think she will get to know how two timing he had been with her yet...(she may eventually when Arnav and khushi will actually live a happy married life - though - i feel that would take probably a while) the Serial name suggest - he will marry her and will not get close to her to punish or hate her but she will eventually win his heart and the misunderstanding that Shyam was the one who came after her and not the vise versa, secret will finally come out either by the Shashi recovering from his illness or him finding out through other clues....this will be dragged for another 6 mos to an year....with lots of Rabba ve scenes and hate scenes between them...And guess between ....he may even punish her and sleep with her too...that is how usually these serials develop...I just wonder....if this is going to be any different? So far...i like the whole cast especially Arnav and Khushi. They both look so deliciously good they ought to stay together....Please provide your feedback.


Noor from US

Dec 6, 2011

marriage of khushi n arnav (By Miz Tooba )

dis is wrong man

shyam will blame everythin on khushi

and so da whole famly wil hate khushi

Arnav wil ask khushi iz dis true n den she'l tel him wat shyam did e.t.c

den he wil get marryd 2 khushi so dat dey both can tke revnge on shyam

but first shyam may try n divrce anjali

den dey will found out abowt shaym n khushi

shyam wil blme it on khushi

arnav wil found out about da truth of shyam

den khushi n arnv wil get married

den dey wil knw dey lve each oder

these are da stges in order dat wil happen but nt 2 sure abowt da divrce

Dec 6, 2011

ridiculous (By Armani) (Thanked: 6 times)

i think this all stupid ameen-

1) khushi will not sit there aand let shyam blame her she is the ssort to fight for wat is right

2) arnav knows dat a girl lik khushi wud neva do anythin ov dat sort

so therefore i think that it is not possible it all just rumours because wen i first found out i chekd on da net nd i found out dat it is all rumours guys take a chill pill wateva happens arshi will b 2 geva no matta wat!

armani... uk

Feb 15, 2012

arnav marries khushi (By gossip girl)

i think khushi will tell arnav about shyam,and aarnav will marry her to protect his sis(coz shes pregnant).and he will hate khushi,for keeping s secret,and will hurt her by speaking nonsense talk.but anyways its good that they are going to marry,after all it will end up as a saas bahu serials.

where has she been? sarena..who am i?thats a secret i will never tell

u know u love me.

XOXO-gossip girl

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