Lag Ja Galay K Phir Yeh Haseen Raat Ho Na Ho.....................

Jun 2, 2012

Lag Ja Galay K Phir Yeh Haseen Raat Ho Na Ho..................... (By Fairy)

Brilliant performances by both Barun and Sanaya. Rocked the show. Standing ovation for both of them We watch the show because of them and they were in full action today, from hugging, consoling and comforting each other and time stood for them. They had so many Rabbave today. They were burning for each other. There was desire in their eyes.

Today's episode started from where it ended yesterday when Arnav asked Khushi, how did you know that I was in trouble. Khushi was about to say something when they heard some noises and Arnav asks Khushi to duck without thinking for a minute. She goes and sits where she sat earlier. The goon came and told her to eat food but she refused. He tried by giving her a morsel which she refused. He asks her are you fasting and in whose name? Trying to get frank with her which was not acceptable to our Arnie. He asks her now tell me why were you following me and touched her shoulder. Arnav was observing all and could not take it. He was fuming and profusely sweating and wanted to take hell out of that goon. He finished eating the food and Khushi got up. He came over and moved near her and she moved back. He again touched her and Arnav was not ready to take it any further. From the next room he shouted "Don't you dare touch her". Arnav was roaring like a lion and got the Herculean energy to break that grill net and slid in from that hole. He just took hold of the goon and with full energy got onto him. He kept on beating him and once he was also beaten back. Khushi got scared and shouted Arnav's name. Arnav kept on bashing till he was almost unconscious and Khushi asked him to stop. Just remember the Nanitaal scene where Arnav had been thrashing the goons to safeguard Khushi. He cannot bear anybody touching Khushi or being disrespectful with her. This all signifies his love for Khushi which he never was able to comprehend. He used to auto suggest him that no girl can win his heart and he will never be bothered by any girl in his life. Because emotions and love makes you weak. He has been hiding his soft side under a hard exterior.

As soon as Arnav stopped beating the goon and looked at Khushi. He asked her "ARE YOU ALRIGHT" to which Khushi just gave a nod and ran towards him and jumped up for a complete hug with full force. Here again Khushi was the first one to hug him and then he embraced her with full arms. This was the first passionate hug for these two lovebirds. They were totally lost in their love and nothing mattered to them.

Wo Kon Thi (1964) "Lag Ja Galay K Phir Yeh Haseen Raat Ho Na Ho"

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Hanste Zakham (1973) "Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho"

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Flashbacks kept rolling in front of their eyes: the rain hug where he saved her from an accident and endangered his life. Then bandaging her ring finger in the mandir, taking out the bangle piece from her vein through his teeth, drawing her out of those fairy lights the night before diwali, putting payal back on her ankle, almost kiss on the diwali night, Teri Meri dance sequence. Remembered everything so well. They would have stayed in that embrace for quite long but their trance was broken by noises and they had to disentangle themselves. They looked around and got outside access and holding hands together ran to save themselves.

Goons in a jeep kept following them with pistols and they ran and hid behind a tree. Arnav keeping track of the goons started running again with Khushi. They stopped behind a wall hiding where Khushi said "Thank God that you are fine and she had been going mad during his absence. Arnav asks her to relax and wipes her tears. She saw his hand also reddened with the ropes tied to him for so many days. She said your hand has been injured in all this and he closes her mouth as he sensed the goons approaching them. Dear what Stamina they showed today, Hats off to them. One of the goons saw Arnav slightly and asked his other accomplices to come with him. Arnav saw cartons and immediately he lied down and on top of him was Khushi. They were lying on a long carton and it served as a barrier from the goons. They were embracing each other and had a full new version of Rabbave. Very good lyrics indeed!

"Haseena Maan Jayegi" movie and song "Bekhudi Mein Sanam Uth Gaye Jo Kadam"

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Guide (1965) "Tere Meray Sapnay Ab Aik Rang Hain"

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Till now they have been able to misguide the goons and then they start running again and pause for a while. In order to save Khushi he was hurt by bare branches of the tree and it pierced in his back. While trying to get up Khushi holds few branches and her hand started bleeding because they were piercing in her. Arnav asked her not to stay in this position as she is hurting herself. Khushi understood that while saving her Arnav got those branches pierced in him. She said if you can save me why cant I. Arnav remembered how he saved her in the rain hug scene, then how she cared for him whole night when he was ill and the guest house scene, all passed in front of his eyes.

Then they start running and were dead tired and exhausted when they say a hut over there and went inside but before going inside Khushi's blood on the hand has been smudged on the exterior wall of the hut and which will make them captive again. Whole day and night they have been running and trying to escape from those goons but in the precap they have been surrounded by them. Poor souls! Today's episode was full of action and thrill and their lovely first embraces

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Jun 2, 2012

Lag Ja Galay K Phir Yeh Haseen Raat Ho Na Ho.......................... (By Fairy)

Did not discuss anything about Payash yesterday. Just cannot understand when their siblings are not there, how come they are not worried about them. Akash's true personality is being revealed. He cannot take pressure at all and panics all the time with short fuse. He never thinks about Arnav who was the head of the business. Now where is he and why he is not calling the family. After all he went to Scotland not to Gor Gaon. Unbelievable! He is losing his relationship by not listening to Payal who left everything for him. Payal is shown disturbed all the time, no matter how much effort she puts into dealing with her in-laws and makes sure they are not upset with her. Why does she not confide in Khushi about her scares and anxieties. She is very lonely. Hope when Arnav returns some good is shown between the Payash.

Now I would like to elaborate on our lovey dovey pair our very Arshi's. In the First Actual Hug after bashing the goon, Khushi runs to him saying she is not well. Never did she say earlier and Arnav always wanted her to come forward for expressing love. He never believed in love and right now when he was face to face with love he could not deny it. It has been very difficult for Arnav to break his hard shell and become Vulnerable in front of Khushi. He has shown his soft side only to Anjali and everyone was under his wrath most of time. Now when she comes forward and hugs him completely he falters first and then takes her in his embrace completely. At that point he felt secure in his love and opened up to be loved.

"Pyar hua Iqrar Hua............Phir Payar Say Darta Hay Q"

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Khushi rightly deserves all the love from his Prince Charming. She has been sacrificing for the family all the time and now it is her turn for happiness. Where Arnav and Khushi can love each other and lead a happy life. Their love for each other can move mountains and they can lead a blissful life. Now Arnav knows about his Lady Luck who loves him to that extent that she never cared for her life to save Arnav. What else proof does Arnav want. Words have vanished from their lives, it's the actions only which are language. At the moment they cannot think of anything else all the MUs don't matter now. They want to absorb all the love together. This love has changed them. This feeling has invasioned their hearts and soul. They always loved each other but both wanted the other to disclose that love first. Now when Arnav confessed his love, she is able to come out expressing her love for him completely. Each time they locked their arms they wanted an eternal love and they were brought to the reality of their difficult situation.

Not having much hopes on Monday because the goons are there and it will spoil all fine moments between the two. How this track moves forward is yet to be seen whether Arnav will be rekidnapped and Khushi released to go home. At the moment lot of confusion persists. Keeping fingers crossed. At least their heartbeats have become one and are there to solve the other puzzles in their life together

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