ATTN : Mr.Arshad Khan (director), Gul Khan(producer) And Ved Raj(writer) of IPKKND

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Apr 20, 2012

ATTN : Mr.Arshad Khan (director), Gul Khan(producer) And Ved Raj(writer) of IPKKND (By Bgsavitha) (Thanked: 7 times)

Greetings to all of you,

Hope my previous letter was been scanned by you guys. I really don't know what exactly is going on in your mind right now, but whatever is going on it is not good. Can you imagine there are nearly about 8 million fans for IPKKND all over the world and I was so happy to know about it. But it is very unfortunate you people are not able to give back the same love and expectations to the fans of IPKKND, and if I am right it is just the heights of your overconfidence. If you people are so confused to direct and take the serial in a right way, it is high time for you all to make a small research on your own project (IPKKND). In the sense, why the fans didn't have any complaints from the beginning of the serial, and why they are complaining only from last two months. Or are you guys working with such busy schedule that you want to take a break. In that case please all of you take a week break and come back with more creativity and show the quality of IPKKND. I don't know how many fans will agree with me about this week break, I want to say sorry to the all the fans of IPKKND for taking the liberty of saying this, but at the same time it is also disgusting to watch the episodes these days which is becoming very low standard.

At least at this stage the misunderstanding between arnav and khushi should have got over, and they should have confessed to each other that they are in love. Instead of that you are simply dragging the episodes and testing viewer's patience. What is stopping the creative team to do this, are they scared that the story is going to end here and there will be nothing left to continue in the serial? In that case, I would consider the creative team is useless. If you want the show to go on, you have to ask the creative team to keep their creativity for 24 hours, that is round the clock. If you are lackiing with ideas connected to story, please get back to myeduniya viewers, they have plenty to share. And please don't make Arnav to follow completely Mills & Boons character, b'coz in Mills & Boons novels 99% the love confession will happen only in the end, if you have any such ideas please stop it.

Why is Mr.Ved Raj the writer of IPKKND is so much against Khushi's character role? Why it has become difficult for him to show the same dignity, which was shown from the beginning. Is it because he is working for 4 projects at the same time, and that's the reason why he is not able to justify his job. Please Mr.Ved Raj show some dignity in khushi's role, she is no more a kid to use all that dirty pranks on her husband. Of course we don't mind if it is humorous in a decent way. At least we thought khushi will value her marriage with arnav, b'coz that is what she said to shyam on 6th march 2012 (for you, maybe your marriage is not important. But for me my marriage is very important, do you get that?). At one time you show her so understanding, the very next moment you are showing her like a joker. According to us khushi is not person who has split personality, what do you think Mr.Ved Raj? Hope you agree with us. There is something definitely lacking in khushi's character. Please, please do something.

Now since you have started showing arnav coming and staying in gupta's house, do you have any idea how beautifully the further episodes can be directed. "Life without luxury can also be beautiful", this is the way you should make khushi realize arnav. The whole concept would have been so nice. Instead of this you are ruining the whole episodes. If khushi was able to plan for arnav's car parking and his favorite plant, why not for a ceiling fan and his toiletries. At least this was any common man's basic requirements, and as a wife she should have thought of this. Khushi, making Arnav realize the standard of living of a middle class family, is different in later stage. What was that food which was served to him? It was disgusting to watch. Come on, the same gupta family were so dignified at the time of payal's wedding. Why are they panicking so much now? Seriously do something, already the trp is dropping day by day, please come back to normal position.

First of all please update clothes of arnav and khushi, looks like the producer is not showing any interest here. Or I myself am planning to mail to all good branded companies to sponsor some good clothes for arnav and khushi. Change the hair style of khushi, actually the hair style in the holi episode was looking very good, and it is high time now that you have to bring little sophistication to her, if payal's dressing sense can change why not khushi's, after all she is also married to Raizada family.

Last but not the least, please try and understand - the writer, director and the producer, this show is going on with such good popularity because of two assets of your team, and that is BARUN & SANAYA, please justify their role, of course the rest of the other actor/actress are also equally good.

There is so much more to write, I can't do it today. Anyways to some extent I think it is conveyed to the concerned people of IPKKND in whatever way it has to be conveyed. Hope they will consider these letters seriously.


Thanking you,


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