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By:    Iss pyar ko kya naam doon...by @Barunmylife2 by Barunmylife2    

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OS : Zindagi

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khushi slowly open her eyes. she is shocked to see herself fully naked. She look beside her her eyes are widen seeing arnav.      

Is she the one for me?

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By:    Chapter 11 - She broke my heart by Angel23    

The first one wants to buy my love.... Will I let her? ... The second one wants a prince charming.... Will I be hers?     

My princess

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By:    sorry note by Asu29494    

Young love 2

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Shot story about young love of arnav and khushi. arnav is a possessive boyfriend of khushi. they are in love with each other when they are child. how will be their young love make them cracy     

Queen of my life

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This story is sequeal of Knot unite us. This story reveal when khushi fall in love with arnav, how their life after arnav knowing from when khushi fall for him, khushi’s reaction for lavanya     


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By:    MY LOVE IS MY LIFE ...ss by 2381590    

The faith is re written with my love ....ASR     

Love Unplanned

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By:    Love Unplanned by Taani & Ojasvi... Part 49 by Taanihalai    

To med and other readers

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To med and other readers     

Dark FF- Elitists

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By:    Elitists next chapter is up :) by Farakhan    

Love can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, it has no limit. khushi has fallen in love with her demon, a devil. he hit hr and it feels like a kiss. ppl do crazy things wen they r in love      

Arshi Drabble: Fragile Hearts

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By:    Part 20 by Arshiforever92    

It's a Drabble on Arshi and it'll be probably posted regularly.     

Depth Of True Love

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By:    Depth of True Love by Arshiforever92    

Hey guys! this will be an Arshi story:-)     

Arshi OS : Mrs..Miss (*Completed*)

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Starts where khushi attends audition for mrs.india but what happens when she now about Arnav,the sponser     

Words Unsaid

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By:    Chapter 25 by Archanasuresh    

A relation at the verge of breaking....how will the little souls trapped inside it be affected. My take on the little family of Arnav and Khushi....     

New pic from the sets of Tanhaiyan: Barun with Aansh Arora

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By:    New pics of Barun & Surbhi added! by Ocean    

Late Night shoot of Tanhaiyan     

ajeeb prem kahani

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By:    Ajeeb prem kahani.family members wishes. by Fathimasumaiya19    

when fashion world queen married simple halwali     

Lagi Tumse Man Ki Lagan..

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By:    Lagi Tumse Man Ki Lagan.. by Roja_Arshi    

Lagi Tumse Man Ki Lagan..     

Nafrat e ishq

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By:    Nafrat e ishq by Starlily    

Indecent Proposal!

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By:    Chapter 16 – It’s about Khushi, right? by Swatideep    

Indecent Proposal! - Another ARSHI Story by Swatideep     

Tainar's Index: Enter The World of Arshi and Rishbala - Love Redefined!

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By:    52nd Story that I almost Forgot!! by Tainar    

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