Another consummation track lined up

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Dec 7, 2012

Another consummation track lined up (By Neha)

as usual ektaa's tactics to shut the audience up for a while by just dropping few interesting scenes of RAYA. there is an article on the TOI in which RK has confirmed that the consummation scene is lined up for sure. of course it wont be as steamy as the March 12 epi , slightly toned down version. but we are confident that even this time RAYA will carry it with ultimate finesse.

so lets wait and keep watching it till then. the maha epi has let all of us down. it proved just a gimmick to gain popularity for KHTV. the only reason it was done for BALH seemed to be Rajat expressing his love for priya which i thought was uncalled for. it was not necessary for him to say that he loved priya, he could have saved her like a friend too. and the other reason should be change in Shipra's character. Hospital scene betwn RAYA was the only high point of the week. Saakshi proves again and again that she is far far ahead of RK in acting skills. her voice actually is in the league of Shabana Azmi, rekha, Madhuri. the way she said "kaise jaati" , it was saying hundreds and thousands emotions in just two words. just OMG.

Dec 9, 2012

Another consummation track lined up (By Neha)

looking at neha-priya convo , it appears that priya will drop the case and ask ram to take pihu's custoday but if at all she goes ahead then she now go for a lawyer change. she will also leave rajats shop partnership. during the case the point of Ram's bigamy will be brought ahead which ofcourse priya will object that she has no objection regarding Ram's second marriage. but it will be revealed that Ram is not technically married to Ayesha there is no registration of marriage , its just that khush is using his name and so ayesha gets a chance to use his name. this will make the consummation track possible. else it will be one more big drama of repentance and priya feeling guilty of sleeping with her sister's husband. and all that rubbish stuff again.

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