apharan, 5 ghante ki bachchi ka.

 Aug 31, 2012     1824    
By: govinda thadlani  

ghatna- 25 aug., 09 pm., city hospital, pwensdra-bilaspur (c.g.) se 5 hours ki bachchi ka apharan.xcity hospital me, pwensdra kwe pass gram bagasdi ki rahnwe wali gulabiya bai(20) nwe ewk navjaat bacx     


 Aug 17, 2012     1173    
By: sharad bhatt  

i watched the episode where varun suri, aka vikram deshmukh and her pseudo sister monika suri conspire and kill/rob young aspiring film people. the show was produced,scripted and directed much better     

Story of 13 year old in 17th August Crime Patrol - Promo

 Aug 16, 2012     2313        
By: TiaKapoor  

The promo shows the case for this week where a 13 year girl is tortured. Watch the promo video of 17th August Crime Patrol      

crime patrol 3rd aug kidnapping case - human trafficking

 Aug 7, 2012     1449    
By: b k  

female foeticide and infanticide should be dealt with very stringently this will be situation everywhere in country and law and order will would be worst in world this type of human trafficking will      

Police commit crime in 27th July Crime Patrol - Promo

 Jul 26, 2012     1731        
By: TiaKapoor  

This week case will involve a case where police has committed a crime and how the culprit is brought to justice. Watch the promo video of 27th July Crime Patrol      

hello ,i regularly watched your programe its beauitful and well directed and acting is v

 Jul 24, 2012     702    
By: santosh   

hello i regularly watched your programe its beauitful and very well directed and acted programe i think in future there will definetly one superstar from your programe bollywood will get.my favor     

kidnaping story

 Jul 21, 2012     1181    
By: ashish sharma  

hello sir my self ashish sharmand m 4m yavatmal(maharashtra)sir we have a story 4m our city a kdnapping story which were happen just a month ago thatis on 16june.a whole story about my friend, he were     

pls contact me

 Jul 20, 2012     881    
By: sachin naddoni  

sir. the serial of lallan and dubey family from gorakhpur. i wish to see and meet the orphaned child of that story please. i wish to give a life to the child by adopting it. i dont kno how to contact      

20th July Crime Patrol - Promo

 Jul 19, 2012     818        
By: TiaKapoor  

Watch the promo video of 20th July Crime Patrol      

Wishing total crime petrol team for the show on Sunday (15.07.2012)

 Jul 17, 2012     684    
By: Joy Nag  

Dear Mr. Anup Sonijee, I wish u great success to telecast the Crime Petrol serial. Actually I have to thanked you & your total team of crime petrol to telecast the episode on Sunday Dated 15.07.20     

I am live becoz of Crime Patrol. Maine Dastak sun le thi.

 Jul 10, 2012     1007    
By: Help Me  

Dear Anup & Team,Myself Mr.Mohammed from Mumbai.I am a great fan of Crime Patrol. I never miss any show or even i like to watch reply episode.Anup anchoring is give great energy to boost up to th     

Dr. Shagufta not arrested

 Jul 9, 2012     539    
By: Lipika  

Why Dr. Shagufta was not arrested? And how come she is not suspended also? Why Dr. Shagufta was not arrested? And how come she is not suspended also? Why Dr. Shagufta was not arrested? And h     

Two different cases in 6th July Crime Patrol - Promo

 Jul 5, 2012     690        
By: TiaKapoor  

This week on Crime Patrol there will be two cases. In one a girl will reveal about three murders in a reality show. In send story a doctor has obtained a false degree. Watch the promo viedo of 6th J     

A great starting crime and corruption

 Jun 10, 2012     460    
By: vinay  

this is really a great & imitable show. it teaches us to be vigilant and raise our voice against corruption in an efficient manner. As well said by the host that we have to teach RTI to our childr     


 Jun 9, 2012     469    
By: MADHU.V.G 9036079037  

I will watch Crime Petrol regularly, it the programme is so much reality in this even 6 year old child also act like the reality not a serial, some time i get confused it is a tv show or it is realy r     


 Jun 4, 2012     360    
By: m.e.hussain  

I would like to thanks crime patrol team to display the face of corruption which is visible to everycommon Indian when he faces govt. offices for any paper work ,service or help,but not      

child abuse

 Jun 2, 2012     579    
By: Krishan Veer  

it is realy shocking that our Hon'able President showing mercy and changing a death penalty into a life improsinment of a manic who raped and murdered a five year old girl in U.P. If this is a result      

Solution found for Crimes........

 May 28, 2012     2     563    
By: MAK   Answer of your question by Lipika    

I am worried why people are only posting & says Crime Patrol is making awareness in the humankind but none of them are talking how to over come this problem. What is the solution to these kind of      

Judge should be taken under custody

 May 28, 2012     323    
By: Lipika  

What a stupid statement from a judge? He is asking for 10,000/- rupees as bail amount for the theft of 200/- rupees. It was a question for the judge, that the boy had 200/-rupees. While he did not ask     

Negative Part of Dowry Act

 May 27, 2012     764    

My brother was going to be married and on the day of marriage we got mail that the girl is already married and there was Scanned copies of marriage certificate and a Photograph of her earlier marriage     

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