Kd and varun

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How kd sets varun and mukti together     

Adaalat 2 to go off air soon...

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Too early it seems, isn't it?     

Naagin actor in Adaalat 2.

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The actor will be seen in one of upcoming episodes of Adaalat 2...     

Adaalat Season 2 on Sony Tv Show Plot Wiki,Promo,Timing,Cast

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The show will be back on June 4      

Execution more grand, international: Ronit Roy on 'Adaalat' season 2

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Actor Ronit Roy, who is reprising his role as the protagonist in season 2 of TV show "Adaalat", says the execution style and the sets will be more grand and will match international standard     

Checkout: The FIRST promo of 'Adaalat 2' is here and we are excited!

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The promo subtly exemplifies why we loved 'Adaalat'..     

This season will be even more exciting and thrilling than the previous one - Ronit Roy

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Ronit Roy is excited to be back as KD Pathak with Adaalat 2!     

Bruno makes Adaalat More interesting

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I like Adaalat even more after Bruno is brought into show     

'C.I.D.', 'Adaalat' teams come together for telefilm

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'C.I.D.', 'Adaalat' teams come together for telefilm     

Ronit Roy off social networking

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Ronit Roy     

A new story......

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duty, love, romance, faith, trust, friendship, sacrifice, relations, respect nd many many emotions      

Poor Replacement

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Poor Replacement     


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Ronit Roy in supernatural thriller on TV

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A new series "Khauff Ki Adalat" goes on air on Actor Ronit Roy. Sony TV this weekend. This series is based on the supernatural but actor Ronit Roy, who plays lawyer KD in the show, says it is not     

Who is the most versatile actor (male) of current time?

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Who can do you think is best in everything. Please Vote!!!!     

A unique case in Adaalat - Promo

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A unique case in Adaalat - Promo