Bruno makes Adaalat More interesting

 Feb 15     244    

I like Adaalat even more after Bruno is brought into show     

'C.I.D.', 'Adaalat' teams come together for telefilm

 Dec 20     255     1    

'C.I.D.', 'Adaalat' teams come together for telefilm     

Ronit Roy off social networking

 Jul 6, 2014     432     1    

Ronit Roy     

A new story......

 Apr 17, 2014     436        

duty, love, romance, faith, trust, friendship, sacrifice, relations, respect nd many many emotions      

Poor Replacement

 Aug 27, 2013     728    
By: Awful Contrast  

Poor Replacement     


 Aug 14, 2013     602    
By: S Hussain   

Ronit Roy in supernatural thriller on TV

 Jun 23, 2013     1195     2    

A new series "Khauff Ki Adalat" goes on air on Actor Ronit Roy. Sony TV this weekend. This series is based on the supernatural but actor Ronit Roy, who plays lawyer KD in the show, says it is not     

Who is the most versatile actor (male) of current time?

 May 12, 2013     10071        
By: Sudha  

Who can do you think is best in everything. Please Vote!!!!     

A unique case in Adaalat - Promo

 Apr 12, 2013     867        
By: TiaKapoor  

A unique case in Adaalat - Promo     

KD in Afghanistan in Adaalat - Promo

 Apr 5, 2013     815        
By: TiaKapoor  

KD in Afghanistan in Adaalat - Promo     

KD to solve unusual case this week in Adaalat - Promo

 Mar 15, 2013     849        
By: TiaKapoor  

KD to solve unusual case this week in Adaalat - Promo     

Adaalat is good

 Dec 30, 2012     1315    
By: Kaustav  

You can sumbit a written update of an episode, your views/analysis on serial, episode or actor, your storyline or any news you want to share with the viewers of theis website. myView should be      

Adaalat - becoming disappointing

 Oct 3, 2012     2     2509    
By: SP   addalat is good by pooja    

I love watching Adaalat but the recent episodes are dragging. The do the 2 episode series which really drags the story to death making it really boring. They really need to stick to the 1 episode per      

Stop 2 day drag on! Simply does not make sense!

 Oct 1, 2012     1004    
By: Interested fan  

Like a few other serials, this was a great show with fantastic beginning. However, this 2 day serial have lost the interest. Either the writers have lacK of ideas, or producer want to save money or ma     

CID in 14th July Adaalat - Promo

 Jul 10, 2012     3634        
By: TiaKapoor  

This week will be the sangam episode of Adaalat and CID. Watch the promo video of 14th July Adaalat      

Please stop this Shifalee drama

 Jul 10, 2012     1571    
By: Big fan of Adaalat  

This is the best going on Indian TV and our producer and writers has to start screw up by bringing an invisible character named "Shifalee" which has no value other than eating up couple on m     

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